Kalamata is the capital and main port of the Messinia region of Peloponnese. Kalamata is one of the most gifted cities in Greece, thanks to its geographic position. Situated in the heart of the Messinian Bay and on the roots of the imposing Mountain Taygetos, it is ideal for exploring the area....

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Messenia (/məˈsiːniə, -ˈsiːnjə/; Greek: Μεσσηνία Messinia, pronounced [mesiˈnia]) is a regional unit (perifereiaki enotita) in the

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Leipsoi is a cluster of islands in the Eastern Aegean, with 698 inhabitants. Lipsos, the main island after which the cluster was named, lies between Patmos and Leros. The cluster includes small islands, such as Aspronisia, Kalapodia, Fraggo, Plavi etc.

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article is about Greek island. For East German dance, see Lipsi (dance). Leipsoi (Greek: Λειψοί, also: Lipsi) is an island south of Samos and to the north

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Komotini is a city in northeastern Greece, 52km from Xanthi. It is the capital of the Prefecture of Rhodope. It is also the centre of the administration of Rhodope-Evros chief prefecture. The city has a mixed population of Greeks and Turkish-speaking Muslims. Komotini is a flat city, built on...

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Rodopi may refer to: Rhodope Mountains, a mountain range in Southeastern Europe Rodopi (village), a village in Haskovo Province, southern Bulgaria Rodopi

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Skyros is the most isolated island of the Sporades chain. With a surface area of about 209km², it is inhabited by approximately 3,000 (2003) people. This remarkable island has two very distinct regions, north and south, separated by a narrow neck of land where most of the permanent population...

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Force has a major base in Skyros, because of the island's strategic location in the middle of the Aegean. The municipality Skyros is part of the regional

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Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is a small volcanic island located south of Limnos, with a surface area of ca. 49km² and 300 residents. The island was named after a monk from Vythinia, who came to the island in the 19th century and died there. For many years, the island was used as a place of exile. Nowadays,...

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Agios Efstratios or Saint Eustratius (Greek: Άγιος Ευστράτιος), colloquially Ai Stratis (Greek: Άη Στράτης) is a small Greek island in the northern Aegean

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Chios belongs to the Northeastern Aegean islands. South of Lesvos, it is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Chios is located very close to Asia Minor; the Canal of Chios runs between the two coasts. The island has a surface area of about 904km² and is inhabited by approximately 53,000...

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within the Chios regional unit, which is part of the North Aegean region. The principal town of the island and seat of the municipality is Chios town. Locals

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Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean, between the Saronic and the Argolic Gulf. It is separated from the Peloponnese by the narrow Hydra Gulf. The island is very cosmopolitan and modern. It was discovered by a band of artists in the 1960s who had been attracted...

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Hydra may refer to: Hydra (genus), a genus of simple freshwater animals belonging to the phylum Cnidaria Lernaean Hydra, a many-headed serpent in Greek

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Edessa is an ancient town of 25,000 inhabitants in Central Macedonia, capital of the Pella Prefecture. Famous for its many waterfalls and trees, Edessa is virtually unknown to tourists. The town is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, with streams, bridges and parks. There are many small...

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about the ancient capital of Macedonia. For other uses, see Pella (disambiguation). Pella (Greek: Πέλλα), is best known as the ancient and wealthy capital

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Skiathos, even though it is the smallest island of the Sporades chain, is the most cosmopolitan. With a surface area of about 50km², the island is inhabited by approximately 6,200 people. Due to its position, only two hours away from Volos by ferry, it is the most crowded and tourist island of...

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Skiathos (Greek: Σκιάθος, Skiáthos, pronounced [ˈscaθos]; Ancient Greek: Ancient Greek: Σκίαθος, Skíathos; Latin forms: Sciathos and Sciathus) is a small

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Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese complex, located between Karpathos and Crete. It is a small rocky island with a surface area of about 66km² and a population of 990 inhabitants. The island is not yet saturated with tourists, and keeps its traditional way of life. Many...

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and Turkish as Kaşot. Kasos lies SW of Karpathos, between this island and Crete. Adjacent to the island is the Strait of Kasos, through which some of

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The Prefecture of Grevena lies in the western part of Macedonia, extends to an area of 2291km², and is entirely mountainous, as it occupies a large part of the Pindos Mountain Range. The Aliakmonas River flows in from neighbouring Kozani, before flowing back, enriched by the waters of Venetikos...

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Grevena (Greek: Γρεβενά, Grevená, [ɣreveˈna], Aromanian: Grebini) is a town and municipality in Western Macedonia, Northern Greece, capital of the Grevena

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Andros is the northernmost Cycladic island and second largest following Naxos. Its mountainous landscape is interrupted by fruitful and well-watered valleys.
Andros, according to the 2001 census, has 4,107 inhabitants on a surface area of 102.8km². The island is a unique combination of...

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For other meanings, see Andros (disambiguation). Andros (Greek: Άνδρος) is the northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, approximately 10 km

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Thassos is part of the northeastern Aegean islands and it is located just off the coast of mainland Greece. Its shape is almost circular and its landscape is mountainous and verdant. The island was called “emerald of the Aegean” because of its large and verdant pine forest and olive groves;...

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Marble Beach". Thassos - IThassos.  "Paradise Beach Thassos". Thassos - IThassos. "Thassos Beach Glykadi"

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Spetses belongs to the Argosarinic Gulf islands and lies at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf, since it is the southernmost island of the cluster. Spetses is a cosmopolitan island. It is one of the popular destinations for weekends and holidays all year round.

The island excites the visitor...

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the Municipality of Spetses are the islands of Spetsopoula, Falkonera, and Velopoula (all uninhabited). An unusual aspect of Spetses is the absence of private

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Mykonos is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. It belongs to the Cyclades group and it is located between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. With a surface area of 86km² and a population of approximately 6,200 (2002) inhabitants, it is considered one of the smallest islands of the group....

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For other uses, see Mykonos (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Mykines. Mykonos (/ˈmɪkəˌnɒs/, /ˈmɪkəˌnoʊs/; Greek: Μύκονος [ˈmikonos]) is a Greek

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Karpathos is the second largest of the Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean. The island is situated between the two well known islands Rhodes and Crete, and its history goes back to the Minoan and Mycenaean Eras. Karpathos is a very beautiful island, with wild, rugged landscape,...

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forms the municipality of Karpathos, which is part of the Karpathos regional unit. Because of its remote location, Karpathos has preserved many peculiarities

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Iraklia belongs to the group of islands known as the Little Cyclades. It is a tiny island with an area of 19km² and 150 inhabitants. It is a place ideal for relaxing, as time seems to have stopped here. There are no banks, no petrol stations, no buses or taxis, no camping facilities and no...

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Irakleia (Ηράκλεια) may refer to several places in Greece: Irakleia, Arta, a municipal unit in Arta regional unit Irakleia, Elis, a village in Elis, part

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Koufonisia is the most popular islands of Little Cyclades. They are two islands, Ano and Kato Koufonisi, separated by 200-meter straits. The former is permanently inhabited. It is a beautiful island with a surprisingly cosmopolitan atmosphere, despite the fact that is only 4km². The population...

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Koufonisia (Greek: Κουφονήσια) is a former community in the Cyclades, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Naxos

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Poros is part of the Argosaronic islands. It is situated in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf, at a distance of about 48km south of Piraeus and separated from Peloponnese by a 200-metre wide sea channel. Its surface is about 31km² and it has about 4,000 inhabitants.

Poros is a volcanic...

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about the island-pair in the Saronic gulf. For other uses, see Poros (disambiguation). Poros (Greek: Πόρος) is a small Greek island-pair in the southern

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Patmos is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese cluster. It has a population of about 3,000 people and an area of 34.05km. The island is charming, picturesque and tranquil. It has a very salubrious climate and a clear atmposphere. Patmos is a mountainous island, with limited vegetation, lacy...

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For other uses, see Patmos (disambiguation). Patmos (Greek, Πάτμος; Italian: Patmo) is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, most famous for being the

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